Security awareness material that inspires action

Security Awareness Programmes are wonderful. Managers wonder why people fail password audits, Awareness Trainers wonder why they have to constantly remind people not to reuse their passwords for different accounts, and the average person wonders why they have to sit through yet another presentation telling them to craft unique passwords for each account. The information in a typical Security Awareness Programme is often well-known, yet organizations still have to deal with the very real risks when people don’t follow or understand the basics.

How do you write material that people actually listen to? How do you write so that your readers switch between passively reading and actively doing what they have read? There is a large group of professionals who turn ‘readers’ into ‘actors’ for a living: copywriters! They have a lot to teach us Awareness Trainers.

That’s why I signed up for free courses on copywriting.

They have already helped me change how I write Awareness materials. You can’t say you have no room for improvement in your writing: it’s free and you have no excuse. Yes, it’s not your typical source for Security Awareness tips, but copywriters are the ones who get people to take action, every day.

Wouldn’t you like to reach more of your users? Wouldn’t you like your readers to remember and act on what they have read? You have nothing to lose, and only new skills to gain.

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