Advanced Persistent Training


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Many Information Security professionals are required, by regulation or policy, to provide Security Awareness training within the companies they work for, but many believe that the resulting low compliance with training does not outweigh the costs of delivering that training. There are also many who believe that this training is crucial, if only it could be more effective. This book is for them.

The answer rests in the heart of the very Awareness vs. Compliance problem: people are human. People have incredible strengths and incredible weaknesses, and Information Security professionals need to recognize and devise training strategies that take advantage of both.

Advanced Persistent Training looks at how Security Awareness Programmes can work with people by using Behavioural Modification and Persuasion techniques in order to efficiently achieve measurably higher levels of engagement and effectiveness.

Do you want:

  • Concrete ways to convert Awareness to Compliance?
  • Metrics that prove Awareness is translating to secure actions?
  • Techniques to boost users’ skill in-between Awareness sessions?
  • Small tweaks to existing Programmes that return big rewards?

Then, this book is for you.

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